The wings of Gabriel

o withered soul of lonesome child,

knowst thee not hope,

nor love divine,

but wail you doth, how often beguiled,

not sorrow, nor circumstance,

you are but a victim of deciet,

a heart as that doth not produce,

the love that maketh angels fly

and humans soar where Gabriel cant.


10 thoughts on “The wings of Gabriel

  1. I find the poem to be somewhat disturbing — I cannot tell if it is meant to induce fear or hope into the reader. I did enjoy the archaic language — like Jessica, I think it fits well with the form of the poem.


    • Thx for your comment lizbeth! The poem is meant to inspire hope by telling us of our true potential. We can soar higher than Gabriel, and that’s the wonder of divine love, any disbelief in our abilities and we fall prey to self deceit and pessimism.


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