In Search of You!

I am here at the altar,

I beseech You for an answer,

I saw you wandering in the dark,

and running seamless in a streak of light,

I saw you singing at a shrine,

I saw you crying at the funeral of a loved one,

I saw you angered by the mob that chased you and

the kids that poked you with a stick because you

were homeless and dirty, you were crazy they said,

I saw you praying in synagogue, I saw you kneeling in a church,

I saw you in a mosque, I could say you were at home,

I saw you raging in the waters and thundering in the clouds,

I saw you red, I saw you green, I saw you in the rainbow,

And on the palette of an artist, wanting to be painted,

Yearning to be seen,

I saw you in the wisdom of an old man’s whisper,

and in the follies of the youth that sees nothing but his dreams,

I looked around and I saw you, I closed my eyes and I saw you,

I looked at me and I saw you,

I saw you as I saw me,

I was wondering if you could tell me,

All this while,

had I been looking for myself?!


20 thoughts on “In Search of You!

  1. oh, the submission uses linkz and is closed on Wednesday, next rally is March 24-30, you can comment and claim awards, I can ask blaga to add your poem to the collection….


    Glad to see you in.

    beautiful poem….


    • Thx Jingle for liking the poem and the post, will see u around and often! Will try to get the posts in time from hereon. Thx for the grt job you are doing! So good to see you too!


    • Thank you Clriice, perhaps the most cherished reward for a writer is to be understood, i just had mine through your lovely comment. Do keep visiting, thanks for the encouragement!


  2. truly amazing poem, beautiful thoughts and i loved the transition from the “you” as something to be pitied and something to be respected. i gotta subscribe to you! (;


    • 🙂 Thank you Belladonna, every feeling begs expression, I am glad you grasped the meaning within the words and liked the writing.
      I’ll look forward to your visits and appraisal.


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