About Me

I live each moment in two different yet parallel worlds both in the same place. It has been, at the same time, the singular dilemma and the most magnificent aspect of my life.

If I stand before a mirror, I would recognize the face but not the eyes and the person seeing through them very often.

However, I believe life is meant to be lived rather than measured. Too much important and ever depleting time is wasted in vain calculations, and plans too far in future.

If I were to die tomorrow, I would live today doing nothing special, as I know death does not change a thing. It is a mere transition. Sadly, what’s more real however, seems unimaginable, and what isn’t, has us hooked on forever.

Life is determining what we want and the run for it, the rest is fairly consequential to our attitude.

I remain the  sum of my thoughts.


Thank you for visiting!


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. nice clean blog and good content , but a bit of advice , the search engines look for a TOTAL of 9/10 categories and tags in a post any more they tend not to read them , you should think about putting a category widget and a post widget both with numbers in the sidebar it saves the reader scrolling , hope you dont mind me saying , you can see them in my site , harry


  2. no problem and it looks better already , the other thing i forgot was the post archive with the numbers underneath the recent posts , i myself do not like the category dropdown but thats maybe just me you see very few of them , did you have a look at mine , if you do would you leave a comment somewhere 🙂 harry


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