What a Day to Die

The rain falls ,

an earthen odour fills the heart

each sense plugged into the nature

an ecstacy, a holy frenzy, a heavenly  bliss prevails

A wounded sage, smiles through the cracks on his lips

his broken body livens up with each drop of the rain

he dances to an inner tune,

in peace, he moves with the grace of an angel,

it is then when lightning strikes,

and the mortal act of joy of the mad mad sage is immortalised,

by an act Divine.



I look around 
I see you everywhere
and overwhelmed by your presence
i see you
and you are all i see
and now the presence of your presence,  that i feel;
is hardly any different from when i didn’t, 
and the only difference between then and now, is:
that now i can say with all certainty, 
for though i know you,
i know you not.

Aik Shaheed baap apni beti sey..

In the loving memory of that young father of a two year old daughter who died in the Peshawar blast while on way home on 16th April 2013

گهرجاتے هم رستے جو رکے
رکتے هی قیامت ٹوٹ پڑی

خوابوں کی دنیا چور هوئ
اور اپنی قسمت پهوٹ پڑی

کهاں گهرآکے، هم گڑیا لیے
تجهے سینے سے لگانے والے تهے

میری بچی هستی روٹه چلی
هاں مجه پر بهی، اور تجه په قیامت ٹوٹ پڑی

Like the dust falling from a hand
The dust taken to see the directions of the wind,
I scatter, falling, everybit apart, though
My existance for a purpose be,
I remain oblivious as i fall,
Of the fate that shall be mine,
Of the choices i could make
I would only say,
the reflection of the stars in the water,
Be the image; not the stars you think you see,
And so perhaps, I, the son of Adam
Did ever follow the fate so meant for me

And any choices i think i made,

Was indeed, fate, beguiled thus!

Anatomy of choice

The life we choose to live is the result of the choices we make. Our path is determined not by singular decisions but rather by our reaction to what comes our way.

I have been searching for questions far longer than I have been for answers. Inquisition has been the theme of my life. We do the things we do, unaware, till we realize what we are doing and certain patterns began to emerge – our characters are formed. Good or bad, we spend the rest of our lives thinking along those patterns, defending our choices which initially were not the result of profound thought rather an accident.