Out of a burning desire to be one with You,
I rise to majesty,
and at my best,
I set my wings ablaze
to shed my mortal shackles,
My burning carcas;
like a flame thrown across the sky
falls back towards the earth,
Turned to ash;
Scattered, freed,  elevated,
Iam ecststic,
and no sooner dead, that I am born again
Out of the very ashes
of my mortal self.
More majestic, more in Love.
Though i remain oblivious,
Your entire creation is awed
at the spectacle of this magnificent proclamation,
of my love for You.



You never left!

I thank “Jingle Poetry” ( and its team for holding the events in order to further the beauty of expression and by providing  poets a forum for sharing their works with the rest.  With the thanks extended, I accept my “Perfect Poet award” with gratitude and nominate “nano1982” for her writing “Sparkle in Love” (


Here is the writing that won the love of “Jingle Poetry” and Yours…..:

In the sweet remembrance of those who lost their lives when a 9.0-magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific coastal areas of northeastern and eastern Japan on March 11, triggering enormous tsunami leaving 10,151 people dead and 17,053 others unaccounted for by 10:00 a.m. local time:

On the once peaceful shores of Okinawa,

When I came to find you,

I saw you in the wayward growth of the

flowers on the shore,

and in the warmth of your presence in the wind,

I felt you,

I heard your voices when the birds sang,

and I thought to myself,

you never did leave the shores

of Okinawa!


I thank “Jingle Poetry” ( and its team for holding the events in order to further the beauty of expression and provide poets to share their works with the rest.  With the thanks extended, I accept my “Perfect Poet award” and nominate “nano1982” for her writing “Sparkle in Love” (

A giving Heart!

Break the bones of winter’s sorrow,

Rise above the skeptics’ scorn,

Brave the ills of a luckless morrow,

With a heart of gold and faith to follow.

A million woes, should not restrain,

Your giving heart, whence,

the aching world,

And I, may borrow.

(This poem was written as an apology to my wife after an argument)

In Search of You!

I am here at the altar,

I beseech You for an answer,

I saw you wandering in the dark,

and running seamless in a streak of light,

I saw you singing at a shrine,

I saw you crying at the funeral of a loved one,

I saw you angered by the mob that chased you and

the kids that poked you with a stick because you

were homeless and dirty, you were crazy they said,

I saw you praying in synagogue, I saw you kneeling in a church,

I saw you in a mosque, I could say you were at home,

I saw you raging in the waters and thundering in the clouds,

I saw you red, I saw you green, I saw you in the rainbow,

And on the palette of an artist, wanting to be painted,

Yearning to be seen,

I saw you in the wisdom of an old man’s whisper,

and in the follies of the youth that sees nothing but his dreams,

I looked around and I saw you, I closed my eyes and I saw you,

I looked at me and I saw you,

I saw you as I saw me,

I was wondering if you could tell me,

All this while,

had I been looking for myself?!


Give me your heart,

your soul,

your flesh & bone,

Give me,

Give me your sorrows,

your wails, the pains you

carry, give me your burden,

Let me carry you across,

Here, lean on my shoulder,

or cry if you please,

bring me all your suffering,

bring me your tears,

and your dreams that broke,

bring me stories of the love you lost

bring me your heartache, bring

me despair, bring me your darkest fear,

bring me your shame, bring me your

loss, bring me all that burdens your heart,

bring me all that wears down your youth,

and poisons your sweet old age,

bring me bitterness, bring me your anger,

your cries that you cried not out loud,

when you bring me all of this,

my dear,

here, I give you a canvass new,

a shinny day,

paint your picture & paint it well.

I give you life,

now live it well!